Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Support Girl Scouts- Buy some cookies today!

Okay, how can I recommend cookies when I'm supposed to be all about health? Simple! I have never said that desserts were "bad". I am way less about what you can NOT eat, and more about, well, MORE fruits, veggies, and exercise! Unless you have specific medical issues (such as gluten intolerance), cookies can be included in a healthy diet. (If you have celiac disease, we'll talk about yummy cookies for you another day- the Girl Scouts do not yet have a gluten-free cookie, though I hope they are working on developing one.)
Today marks the official start of Girl Scout Cookie season. I am a troop leader for a wonderful group of Junior Scouts, and we, along with the rest of American Girl Scouts, will be out selling cookies. Our troop does not set any cookie-selling records- to be honest, we joke we do "cookies-light". However, our girls look forward to our annual week or two of cookie sales, enjoying customers' tales of their daughters selling cookies and taking pride in the number of boxes of cookies we receive as donations for our men and women in the military. Of course, back in MY day, we had to go door to door, walking our neighborhoods and taking orders long before we handed out cookies...but I digress!
Scouting is still a wonderful opportunity for girls of all ages to build "confidence, character and courage" as they learn new skills and have fun.
BOTTOM LINE: Enjoy a girl scout cookie or buy a box as a donation for your favorite charity, and THANKS for supporting GIRL SCOUTS!

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